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Can Views Cause Error 400: Unable to Add Feature Service Layer Definition?

Question asked by philip.queen Champion on Feb 6, 2019
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My team has created a large Survey123 form which I am the owner/publisher of. We have created various view layers associated with the data from the form, and are currently in the processing of making an Operations Dashboard for the data. We would like to add 5 calculations to the feature service to help our reporting in the dashboard.


The issue is I cannot publish the updated survey with the new fields. I get the usual warning about adding fields, but then the "Error 400: Unable to add feature service layer definition" when I hit "Publish Survey." I have attached screenshots of the warning and the error. I am able to publish the same form as a new survey, so I know I don't have duplicate or improper field names. The issue is republishing the survey would mean redoing a lot of work creating the views and dashboard.


Another user who had this issue last month said deleting the view layers associated with the data fixed this publishing error. Is it true that the views we have created could be "locking" the feature service schema from changing? If so, is there a workaround? And if not, what else could be the issue here?


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