Group within Repeat Not Showing in Inbox

11-22-2018 09:26 PM
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I have a survey where I have a group within a repeat and when trying to view the records in the Inbox, the records within the Group do not display.  I am using Survey123 Connect (version 3.1.126) to author the form, and Survey123 for ArcGIS (version 3.1.158).  I use "query allowUpdates" in the bind::esri:parameters field.  If I simply delete the group from the repeat table and leave the fields in place, the records display in the Inbox.  Any suggestions on how I can get the records to display in the Inbox, while still using the Group within the Repeat?

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Hi Suddha,

Please try using query allowupdates=true as the expression in the bind::esri:parameters field of the 'begin repeat' question that contains the group.  After doing this and publishing with the Inbox enabled, you should be able to see all values and edit as expected using Inbox from the field app.

I have also attached an XLSForm showing this...

Let me know how it goes.



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This really helped me a lot.  I am quite surprised this isn't DEFAULT behavior.

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