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import excel table into new feature class

Question asked by Hannah_Hutchins on Jan 25, 2019
Latest reply on Feb 25, 2019 by Hannah_Hutchins

I'm experimenting with taking fields from an Excel file and importing them into a new feature class. 

I understand that the field names you have in the Excel file will transfer over to the field names in the feature class, but what about data types and field properties? Is there something I can setup in my Excel table (or maybe a text file is better) that when I import data into a new feature class, the field name, data type, and field properties are already setup in the new feature class?


I'm working in this dialog box if it helps:





Our DB Administrator is requiring certain fields that must go into any new feature class we make. There are 11 fields with specific data types and properties. Instead of manually entering those into the new feature class dialog box, I would like to import them. 


In Excel, can we set something up where the field types and properties (in addition to the field names) would transfer over during the import?