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Collector with Trimble R2- record correct GNSS Receiver name to metadata?

Question asked by AaronAE on Jan 24, 2019
Latest reply on Sep 28, 2020 by jgrossman_VHB
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I'm setting up a Trimble R2 to work with Collector on a Samsung Android phone. I've connected to the receiver via Trimble's GNSS Status App, left Collector on "Integrated Receiver" (I havn't found great instructions, but this appears to be the way it works even though selecting the R2 as location provider is an option). In collector, I appear to be getting the correct GNSS positions from the R2 rather than the phone, but when I record a point, the GNSS metadata entry for Receiver Name is the phone, not the R2. How do I get the right receiver name to record so that I can confirm that the correct receiver was used for the data collection after the fact?


I tried with iOS and found that it DOES work there to connect to the R2 in Collector, and the Receiver is correctly recorded in the metadata attribute. If I try to connect to the R2 in Android (8.0), the Receiver disconnects in GNSS Status, and no position is shown in Collector.