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Open Data Mapping and Charting Attributes throws ArcGIS Hosted Site Error.

Question asked by dcoley on Jan 24, 2019
Latest reply on May 30, 2019 by dcoley

Hello - We use collaboration to push our ArcEnterprise 10.6.1 portal hosted layers to our ArcGIS Online organization and in turn make those layers available to Open Data. 


I just noticed in the last week or so that once you are on the Overview tab on your Open Data site, and click an attribute that has charting and/or map visualization enabled (not sure how Open Data even selects which attributes can be charted and/or map visualized) AND a count error is returned:



That in turn is throwing an SEVERE error category (that I get to see in ArcGIS Monitor) for the given hosted feature layer that resides in our Portal:


The submitted field 'comments_COUNT' is not available in the layer '0' of the service 'wFireDeptConnection'.


and so on every time someone anywhere wants to visualize or chart one of the variables that supports that capability.


Not sure if either Katie Thompson or Kelly Gerrow has any ideas....