Metadata doesn't come with open data download

05-24-2017 07:30 AM
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When I download a shapefile from my open data site, why doesn't the metadata from the AGOL feature layer come with it?   according to this help page,, "....., if your organization has enabled Open Data, metadata documents managed from ArcGIS Online are available in ArcGIS Open Data sites from dataset pages and the documents are included in shapefile downloads."

I have metadata within the AGOL metadata editor.   is this help article saying I have to have my metadata in a separate document?   If not, why is the metadata not included?

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In order for metadata to be included in shapefile downloads, it must be associated with the item in ArcGIS Online. Unfortunately there is no way to include XML metadata directly from the layer.

Sorry for the inconvenience.


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Hey Daniel

I was wondering if this specific capability might be on the road-map for both Hub and ArcGIS Sites?

As a portal admin, if I have enabled Metadata on my items, I would like the users to also recieve the XML metadata included in the data download (regardless of format choice).  This is so that I can ensure the valuable metadata is transported with the data.

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So just to make sure I am clear on this.... I will need to manage my metadata in a file that is separate from the feature layer (such as XML or PDF), then associate the file with the AGOL layer in the Distribution tab of its metadata editor?

or is there a simpler way than that?

The documentation is misleading because it insinuates that the metadata is automatically included with the shapefile download