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Maintain multiple annotation subtypes for feature classes with definition queries

Question asked by santamaa on Jan 24, 2019
Latest reply on Mar 7, 2019 by bnayak-esristaff

Hello World, 


I have an annotation feature class with two annotation subtypes that represent two separate feature classes (all residing in an SDE environment). The labels represent buildings names and numbers. 


What I would like to do is set a definition query on my feature class and then only display the associated annotation for those features using one primary field. If I conduct a join from the feature class to the annotation class I can only maintain a join on one of those subtypes and the other subtypes disappear. The purpose is to display ALL the subtypes and maintain all the label components with a single join. Is there a way to set up a join on the annotation class based on a single field but maintain the additional subtypes?


If not this secondary question might be more reasonable, is there a way to set up a common ID field that links annotation and feature classes separate from the feature ID and object ID link and for that field to auto-generate when a features annotation is generated.