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Send error/Sync survey error

Question asked by peter.brad on Jan 23, 2019
Latest reply on May 24, 2019 by peter.brad


I'm currently having a couple issues regarding my survey that is published through our portal.


1. I'm currently getting an error when I try to submit a survey response to my survey that is stored in our portal. I've attached an image of the error I received. I think it may have to do with repeats? I quickly made a different test survey without repeats, published it to our portal, and was able to submit responses without error. I was also able to use the original survey and publish it to ArcGIS online and that worked too, just not with portal.


2. My second problem is with using the "sync a hosted feature service to a geodatabase" python script created by Esri. I keep receiving an error "invalid SQL query" when trying to sync a survey stored on portal to an sde database. However, when I tried syncing from the same survey through ArcGIS Online I was able to sync. Is it a time zone thing? I have attached the error I received.