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Question about custom widget in version 4.x

Question asked by ayako_suzukiesrij-esridist Employee on Jan 21, 2019
Latest reply on Nov 27, 2019 by alterwiel

I am trying to create a custom widget and I use Esri's widget as a part of the widget.

So I instantiated Esri's widget and set JSX.Element in container property.

However the customized widget does not show the Esri's widget in the element.


Is it possible to add a widget in customized widget?

Does anyone know any information about it?


Below is a part of my source code.

element: JSX.Element;


render() {


private _onViewReady() {
      const search = new Search({
            view: this.view,
            container: this.element as HTMLElement


I do not deeply understand TypeScript and widget development, so I could miss something...

Any comment is really helpful!