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ArcGIS API Bug in user groups property?

Question asked by kingm_qra on Jan 9, 2019
Latest reply on Jan 14, 2019 by kingm_qra

I was wondering if anyone has had problems listing the groups a user is a member of when that user is member of another organisations groups?  It would appear the whole property is locked and not just the specific group/s owned by the other org.


I am accessing with a simple 

getattr(u, 'groups', default_value) 


where u is an item from the list of user objects.


The full code accesses ArcGIS Online or Portal and pulls down all the user properties for members of our org.  This is all fine until it encounters a user who is member of a group owned by another org.  Then the code will fail at attempting to retrieve the "groups" property for the user.  Since "groups" is instance of arcgis.gis.users which is a class list -  any operation on that entire property generates:


"You do not have permissions to access this resource or perform this operation."


The script is running under my user account which is org admin in our ArcGIS Online org.


The arcgis api is fantastic and really is the tool I've been waiting for to try and streamline the admin of portal but if it doesn't fit with the security model ESRI have rolled out then its going to cause some headaches for admins since sharing and collaboration are the best things about this platforms.


Has anyone else had problems with interconnected users and groups?