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IE11 'insertBefore' of undefined or null reference

Question asked by charlie.elverson on Jan 8, 2019

I've had this bug for quite some time, and it has persisted through multiple releases of the JavaScript API V4. Currently, I'm using v4.5.


In IE11, I often receive the error "Unable to get property 'insertBefore' of undefined or null reference File: dojo.js, Line: 18, Column: 301". The error is intermittent and sometimes just a single page refresh is all that's required. The application in question is mostly based on the ArcGIS JS API and Angular 5. The JS API is being loaded using esri-loader (GitHub - Esri/esri-loader: A tiny library to help load ArcGIS API for JavaScript modules in non-Dojo applications).


Has anyone else seen this before and found a solution? I've seen a lot of similar questions and issues on StackOverflow and github, but haven't seen much in the way of solutions.