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Problem Editing AGOL Hosted Feature Layer After Delete Field

Question asked by meperko on Jan 7, 2019
Latest reply on Oct 17, 2019 by iaguilera14

Hi.  I'm wondering if we missed a step when updating the fields in a hosted feature layer we're editing.  We deployed the hosted feature layer using a file geodatabase and ArcMap.  After we added a few features, we decided we didn't need one of the fields so we deleted it through AGOL.  Now, when we try to create a new feature we get an error.  Well, when editing through the AGOL map viewer, there is no error; the feature just disappears from the map and is not added to the layer.  In ArcGIS Pro, an actual error is captured - "failed to create new feature(s).  General function failure [Invalid column name 'Type'.]"


"Type" is the field we deleted.


The field does not show up anywhere (e.g. popups, REST point, Data tab, exported).  


Any information or ideas are appreciated to help us understand what's happened (so it doesn't happen again) and how to fix this data.set.