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Crowdsource Storymap Console Errors

Question asked by jpilbeam Champion on Jan 4, 2019 


My office has tasked me with modifying the crowdsource storymap even though it's was depreciated last year. I'm having a lot of trouble hosting it on our server. It won't get past the splash page and there are a few errors in the console. I need to get the app up before I even begin to do the modifications. 


All I've done so far was use the appID (b1efb597739840bf9f89140a45f4da23) from an old Crowdsource Storymap Web Mapping Application of ours. Then I downloaded the sourcecode from GitHub and deployed it with the appID entered in the index.html file. And since I can't get much help with this I'm not sure what's wrong with it. If I create a current Story Map and run through the same process I can host it with no problems. But, I'm stuck trying to revive this old one.