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High availability Portal/Server in Azure with Federated and Hosting server issues

Question asked by jyi67 on Dec 17, 2018
Latest reply on Dec 22, 2018 by jyi67

We have followed arcgis-powershell-dsc/BaseDeployment-MultiMachine.json at master · Esri/arcgis-powershell-dsc · GitHub  to deploy the high available system in Azure. The system consists of 2 Web Adaptors, 2 Portal for ArcGIS, 2 ArcGIS Server, one ArcGIS Data Store, and One ARR 3.0 load balancer. The system is up and running. 


The wild card SSL certificate is installed on the Load Balancer. The public url registered with the certificate works well.


There is a problem with this federated server and hosting server though. 

Every time I can only make either Federated Server or Hosting server available, not both. I.e., once the server is federated successfully, I then choose this server as the Hosting Server and then Save, it will throw 502 Bad Gateway error and the Hosting Server cannot be added.

To fix this, I go into Portal admin ->  Federation ->  Servers ->  select the federated server -> Update the server role to be Hosting Server -> Update server, now the hosting server is good and the federated server becomes not valid anymore!

If I remove the Hosting Server from Portal, i.e., change the Hosting Server to be No Hosting Server, then the Federated server becomes valid again. 

From the surface, the issue seems just that the Federated Server and the Hosting Server cannot be valid at the same time.


Any ideas? Thanks!