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HTML Custom Attribute does not register as HTML code

Question asked by WKJenkins_METROSTL on Dec 11, 2018
Latest reply on Aug 19, 2019 by markjones_tps

I am working on creating a hyperlink by configuring the popup through Attribute Expressions. The purpose is to create a telephone call link for all of the Municipalities. I have all of the numbers for all of the police departments and want to insert them into some HTML text which will be populated by creating a virtual field in Attribute Expressions.

When I have the full HTML in the field, the hyperlink is created, but when I write out the code by using Attribute Expressions below the HTML text just shows up with no link.


I would prefer to keep using a list of attributes instead of a custom display as I think this looks more professional, and would like to populate the HTML code as apposed to changing the HTML every time so that people more involved with the call center activities can make changes to the phone numbers.


      var phone = $feature.Police_Num1

      '<a href="tel:91' + phone + '">' + phone + '</a>'



Has anyone else had this issue or know how to solve for it?