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Web AppBuilder not keeping custom changes when re-imported

Question asked by mtorbettGFC on Dec 10, 2018
Latest reply on Dec 11, 2018 by mtorbettGFC

I have an application that I built using the Web AppBuilder Developer's Edition. I downloaded and gave it to my web developer to customize the look of one widget for this particular app. He then sent it back to me and I deployed it to my server for access through AGOL. Everything has been working fine. However, now I need to make some additional changes. When I go to re upload the app to WebApp Builder, the widget that was customized reverts to it's default look and feel. The code that my web developer implemented is not holding even though it is still there. Any Idea what's causing this?  Everything has been done with WAB 2.10. 






One thing to note: The widget I am referring to is the NearMe widget. We worked directly with it without making a copy or changing it's name. Not sure if this might be the problem.