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Suvery123 GeoPoint Home Extent based on area selected

Question asked by dot_mmekuria on Dec 10, 2018
Latest reply on Dec 14, 2018 by JTedrick-esristaff

I am using XLSFORM to design a survey with map location information in Survey123.  I would like to set the GeoPoint home extent to be based on selection of an area extent from a list selection for each survey done.  The workflow is to select an area or route and then to zoom to that location based on extent of the selected area or route.  The user can select repeat points along the route or area.  Each time a point is selected I would like to stay in the area where user navigates without refreshing again, if possible.  I find Survey123 always reverts to the Original Home Extent for each click.  That is why I am seeking to change the home extent for each survey.  And changing the home extent will at least keep the person in the relative vicinity of the area/route rather than a large area where the person has no interest.   I find that the repeat points keep the original home extent and one has to work harder to zoom again and again to get to where the selected location is.   I would like to have the area extent change the home extent so the location for selecting sites would be limited within the area/route extent until a new area is selected or the form is submitted.  I have the x,y's for the area/route extents and can make a polygon extent in JSON or or any other combination of coordinate structure. The person doing the survey can be anywhere during the survey and so does not depend on the current location at all. 


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