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Selecting Address Points/Table Records by Selecting Points on a Map

Question asked by JeffThompsonScinttech on Dec 7, 2018
Latest reply on Dec 12, 2018 by sboden-esristaff

I'm very new to ArcGIS and GIS in general. However, I'm learning more and more everyday...


Here's what I want to do:


Add a layer from a .csv, .txt or .zip file. The file is a table of all local parcels located within a 10 mile radius from my locations with a value of $250,000 and higher. I have the layer added in and there are about 6,000 address points on the map. 


I would like to select specific points on the map with a polygon and once those points are selected I want to delete the points that are NOT selected from the table. Or, I would like to export those selected parcels to a separate table. 


What I'm trying to do is remove some of the points located near the edges of the 10 mile radius without having to find them in the table and delete them individually. 


My Question: Is there a (relatively) simple way to do this without having to write code? If so, can someone explain how, or point me in the direction of a relevant tutorial or youtube video?



Follow up note/question: I got the list of addresses by selecting a polygon area on my local county's GIS web map and then downloading the .csv file. Because I only wanted the addresses located within specific subdivisions/neighborhoods which are located within a 10 mile radius from my location I had to select several polygons, and download several .csv files, and then combine them.


I'm also new to finding data to enhance the data I've collected so I'm not yet familiar with all of the data resources available to us. I've searched Google's Dataset Search Engine, and did some regular Googleing. 


My Question: Does anyone know any other places I can find datasets of all the address points in my county, state or even the country (United States)?


Thank you very much for your help!


PS - I'm using ArcGIS Online.


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