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Create database view for a raster catalog

Question asked by EstelleGrueter on Dec 7, 2018
Latest reply on Jan 4, 2019 by EstelleGrueter

I would like to create a databse view from a raster catalog using ArcCatalog. This works without any problem using the Command New -> View... and then specifying the columns and the underlying raster catalog. However, the newly created view is not recognized as a raster catalog but only as a Feature class.


Before, I normally used the sde-command Tools:

sdetable -u xxx -p xxxxxx-i 5151 -o create_view -T v_model_raster_data_info -t T_MODEL_RASTER_DATA -c OBJECTID,NAME,SHAPE,RASTER


This worked fine, and the result was recognized as a raster catlog.


Is there any alternative to these sde-command tools? Or, how should I solve the problem?