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geodesicBuffer doesn't work with BufferParameters

Question asked by agelfert on Dec 7, 2018
Latest reply on Dec 17, 2018 by agelfert

So I'm running a buffer tool using the Javascript API v4.9. The following works and does what I need:


function createBuffer(pt){
   let buffer = geometryEngineAsync.geodesicBuffer(pt,10000,"feet");
   return buffer


But when i try to do the same using BufferParameters, as shown below, it throws an error:

function createBuffer(pt){
    let params = new BufferParameters({
         distances: [1000],
         units: "feet",
         geometries: [pt]
   let buffer = geometryEngineAsync.geodesicBuffer(params);
   return buffer



What part of BufferParameters am I missing? My point "pt" is generated from a mouse click on the map (even.mapPoint) and it works fine, so does everything downstream ... using a Query and PopupTemplate showing info on the features within my buffer. So I really don't have to do this using BufferParameters but it sure would be nice to know why it fails :-)