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Snap Pour Point Not Processing

Question asked by DougHaller on Dec 6, 2018
Latest reply on Dec 14, 2018 by DougHaller

I am trying to create a watershed around a small lake. I clipped the DEM down from the size of a county to about 6000 meters x 3500 meters. I followed the following steps per esri (How To: Create a watershed model using the Hydrology toolset )


Step 1: fill - input DEM clipped to 6000x3500m

Step 2: flow direction - input fill created from step 1

Step 3: flow accumulation input flow direction from step 2


All the above steps work fine...


Per esri: ther input a point feature class or a raster as the 'Input raster or feature pour point data'.


Step 4: I input the original dem (clipped to 6000x3500 m) and input the flow accumulation (step 3 result) per steps - see link above

I set the snap distance to 1000 (m) hoping that the larger the snap the shorter the running time as I tried smaller values previous and the processing took hours/ not minutes or seconds.


Image shows screenshot of results and TOC.  


Any suggestions? Thanks in advance.