OverviewMap maximizeButton

Discussion created by drc_ on Feb 18, 2011
It seems that the maximizeButton property works just fine when the OverviewMap is created within the main map, like here. When the OverviewMap is created in it's own <div> within the main map ContentPane, the maximizeButton doesn't appear to work even when explicitly set to true. I thought maybe my OverviewMap <div> was too small and the maximizeButton was being hidden, but I adjusted the size of both the OverviewMap and it's <div> and the maximizeButton just isn't there. For example, if I use the code for this sample but set maximizeButton:true it doesn't work.

I want to give users the ability to hide/unhide the OverviewMap and I want to be able to control it's style (i.e. -box-shadow, border, etc). Any ideas?