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Using Active Directory and Portal Tier Authentication

Question asked by boyle.matt on Dec 3, 2018
Latest reply on Apr 10, 2019 by rozekc_washtenaw

We have Portal 10.6.1 federated with our ArcGIS Server, and have our Active Directory configured to use as logins with Portal.


We have no issues logging into Portal, Pro, or Server Manager using our AD accounts.  However, if we try to use our AD accounts with ArcGIS API for Python we continually get an error.  We have upgraded to the latest ArcGIS API for Python at the time of writing this (1.5.1).


Is this a known defect...?...or is there some configuration to our Portal we need to do?


The syntax I'm using is: 

arcgis.GIS('PortalURL', 'linncnty\\mboyle', 'ADPassword')


Below is a screenshot of the error we get, failing to generate a token.