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ArcGIS API for python: find latest items

Question asked by psba_ldudina on Nov 19, 2018
Latest reply on Nov 28, 2018 by simo

Hello, I created a script to find the latest uploaded items on ArcGIS Online using ArcGIS API for python. 

There are no errors but it does not find anything. I search for items uploaded in last  7, 30 or even 100 days.


It finds few items if I search from 2009 till now but even then I don't think it shows everything.

Did I miss something? Do I need to format query differently? Out of ideas... 






from arcgis.gis import GIS

gis = GIS("", "username", "password", proxy_host = "example", proxy_port = 0000)


# how far back does the search go? user input

input_days = input("how many days back do you want to search? ")


# based on days, that user has entered, calculate the date to start the search from in unix time, in seconds as per query format requirements

import time

now = time.time()


# converting input to integer, then to seconds, then calculating date from which items where uploaded to unix time

days = int(input_days)

days_in_seconds = days*24*60*60

dateFrom_s = now - days_in_seconds


# function to format unix time in seconds to the format required

def timeQuery(time_in_seconds):

    # convert time to milliseconds, then to interger to remove everything after point, then convert to string and add 6x0

    return ('000000'+str(int(time_in_seconds*1000)))


nowQ = timeQuery(now)

beforeQ = timeQuery(dateFrom_s)




search_result = = "uploaded: [beforeQ TO nowQ]")

#search_result = = "*")

# some date in 2009 in unix time, ms, and six zeros at the front as per query requirement 0000001259692864000 

search_result2 = = "uploaded: [0000001259692864000 TO 0000001542676158153]")

#search_result = = "*")