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WMS service popups not working

Question asked by jmoore3274 on Nov 17, 2018
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WMS service popups not working in Map viewer or Web Mapping Application. The WMS service is hosted by geoserver and I can get the popup's to work VIA WFS service however WFS is not preferable. I'm not sure what is going on with the popup windows however when I inspect the popup window to take a look at the GetFeatureInfo request it works fine in a web browser but show up in AGOL as a sad face and a message saying my server did not respond. Here are two pictures. One of the error and the inspection of the GetFeatureInfo request.  The second image is of the exact same GetFeatureInfo request from the AGOL Map Viewer popup opened in a web browser.


My WMS service adhears to the TEXT/PLAIN or TEXT/HTML output needed to work in AGOL.


You can test the WMS service VIA:

Hopefully someone can lend me a hand if I'm doing something wrong.


There is also what looks to be a java error being kicked out by chrome for the popup iframe to display the WMS GetFeatureInfo. I have a feeling this might be a bug with Web Map Viewer.


Refused to display ',4979092.68857366,-8575755.35691347,4990271.603960352&INFO_FORMAT=text/html&QUERY_LAYERS=test&FEATURE_COUNT=25&I=262&J=234' in a frame because it set 'X-Frame-Options' to 'sameorigin'.



AGOL Web Map Viewer Iframe GetFeatureInfo request


Web browser output of the GetFeatureInfo request