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Allowing public edits while disabling public view permissions with Survey123

Question asked by generalpassport on Nov 16, 2018
Latest reply on Mar 27, 2020 by JTedrick-esristaff

I am trying to make a survey with the following characteristics:

  • It will be accessible to the public so anyone can add features
  • The owner/admin can delete features so that bad responses can be scrapped
  • The data can't be viewed by the public


The problem I am having is that when I use Survey123 Connect, the program creates 1 hosted feature layer that the submissions are written to, and 1 stakeholder view layer that the submissions can be viewed from (after changes the settings in "Collaborate"). Using the Collaborate tool, if I set the submission properties to "everyone", and if I set the viewer properties to "organization" or "groups", then the submission layer can still be viewed by anyone with ArcGIS Online, and they can make edits to all of the data. I can fix this by using AGO to limit the editing permissions on the feature layer to "add features only" and "can't see any features, even the ones they add", but then my admin account is unable to view and edit the data as well.


I created a survey using the web application and it allows me to get around these problems because it creates the fieldworker view. I can give full editing permissions to the feature layer while keeping the layer private, and then set "add features only" and "can't see any features" on the fieldworker view. This allows the public to edit through the view without seeing anything they add, and then I am able to see and edit everything on the underlying private feature layer. The problem with using the web platform for creating my survey is that I need the coded value functionality of Survey123 Connect. I have a bunch of "Single Choice" fields in my survey, and when I use the web designer the data values are recorded as "choice1", "choice2", etc. This can only be addressed using Connect from what I have read. 



Is it possible to create the equivalent of the fieldworker view using Connect?

Is it possible to set coded values using the web tool?

Is there some other solution that I'm missing?