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How would you do this in Pro?

Question asked by tpcolson Champion on Nov 15, 2018
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I have a new requirement that, in some 200+ ArcGIS Feature Services on Server 10.6.1 (They are not hosted via a PTL), they all get an "ELEVATION" field and users will somehow magically populate the elevation using a local, Lidar-derived DEM (so it can't be the AGOL elevation service). 


Here's what's not going to work:

Use Extract Values to Points (which creates another FC), join back to the original feature service, calculate field using RASTERVALUE: To many steps, users mostly stop understanding the workflow after the word "join". GIS is not these folks job, they GPS some things, add the points to a feature service, need to know the elevation...


The requirement is the Lidar-derived elevation, not the GPS one


Z-enabling everything. Not possible in our environment, nor feasible given the number of SDE feature classes we'd have to modify. 


Can't use SQL on the back end like 

ELEVATION = (SELECT pdata.getValueByLoc(1,p.SHAPE.Long,p.SHAPE.Lat)  FROM [dbo].[DEM10MP]),

which uses ST_RASTER, an unsafe assembly which we're not allowed to use. 


Surely someone (many hundreds in fact) have had this requirement....and solved it? Some python toolbox is out there somewhere......