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[JS API 4.8+] MapView not fetching data when the "map" property value is replaced

Question asked by sekv00 on Nov 15, 2018
Latest reply on Nov 23, 2018 by rscheitlin



I provided two example use cases of how to update the property "map" of a MapView instance. These both worked pre-v4.8.


These use cases involves a map with a single MapImageLayer. It seems to be working better with default basemap-layers, although not custom created ones (new Basemap(...))..


Also, updating the extent or using goTo() doesn't trigger map data fetching.


Since I need to be able to utilize the possibility of changing the map property of a MapView, I would appreciate it if someone has any suggestions of workarounds?


I imagine that this bug is already discovered and reported, otherwise I hope this question is sufficient to confirm that it is a bug. Maybe it is fixed within the same fix as [JS API 4.9] IE11: Updating the map property on a MapView doesn't work , but I just wanted to be sure to cover these use cases as well.


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