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Generating AddressIDs When Adding Geometry via the Web

Question asked by DSereno_MC on Nov 13, 2018
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Aloha All,

Our addressing technicians (who are not GIS schooled/trained) maintain address points via a simple ArcGIS for Portal web mapping application. NOTE: I have not had time to research, implement and then train our technicians on how to efficiently use this solution: Address Data Management | ArcGIS Solutions for Local Government.


At any rate, we are now trying to update some of our enterprise systems and are in the middle of developing a new planning and permitting system that essentially brings quite a few gis layers together, parcels, streets, address points, etc. We now need to assign and maintain ADDRESSIDs and while this can be accomplished through Attribute Assistant (AA), as I previously mentioned, our technicians are not using ArcMAP and I am not aware of any way AA can be utilized in this instance.


We are a 10.6.1 deployment with 3 MSSQL 2012 SDE instances called Gisedit, Staging, and Production. Currently, the aforementioned web mapping application writes to the Gisedit instance and then nightly scripts update the data to Production. From Production, REST services are built to be consumed by our new enterprise planning and permitting solution.


So, the $64,000 question is how do you assign and maintain ADDRESSIDs when creating geometries via a web application? In other words, when a new record is inserted, via a browser, how do we assign a unique, non-repeating ID to each address point upon creation?



Dan Sereno

County of Maui

Enterprise GIS Manager