What's everyone using for Python reporting?

Discussion created by LANDVEST on Nov 13, 2018
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Starting a 'discussion' (rather than a specific 'question') seems like the best venue for my inquiry. I realize that many of you may have multiple reporting strategies and that other things like the output itself and audience would dictate or impact your choice for reporting.


I feel like I'm about to jump into ReportLab with all the talk of future integration into Pro. Some of my colleagues are more on the R side of things and use Shiny which seems light years more advanced than anything I've found for a python implementation (please, tell me I'm wrong! I want to hear about it). That said, Shiny might be overshooting the scope of what I need to accomplish.


My needs are mostly tabular outputs of acres/area categorizations but charts & graphs could become something the audience is interested in. Mostly, the product requirement is that the table be included directly on the map document. That creates some limitations & challenges right there. [One specific question I do have is: is there a way to output a Pandas dataframe directly into an ArcMap/Pro document? Having to export solely for the sake of having the ability to copy the content into ArcGIS is less than desirable (if not silly)].


So that's the context from my end. What are you all using? What's your output content requirement? Who's your audience?