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Create an Add Watermark SOI to WMS-GetMap-Output

Question asked by bendermich on Nov 5, 2018

Hello everybody. We work with ArcGIS Server 10.6.1 and require to imprint a company stamp on the WMS GetMap output. Under GITHUB there is a .NET-project Unfortunately, this only works with maps that are generated directly via a REST-request. I want to provide this functionality for WMS-GetMap requests.

Here is an example from an ESRI-JS-API-based Viewer:

Example Output from an ESRI JS-API-based Viewer

Requests like "http://XXSERVER/arcgis/rest/services/XXSERVICE/MapServer/export?dpi=96&transparent=true&format=png8&layers=show:0&bbox=XXBBOX&bboxSR=25832&imageSR=25832&size=1920,1019&f=Image" works correctly.


An WMS-Request like https://XXSERVER/arcgis/services/XXSERVICE/MapServer/WMSServer?REQUEST=GetMap&FORMAT=image/gif&WIDTH=480&HEIGHT=500&LAYERS=BFD50_Bodenhauptgruppen&CRS=EPSG:25832&BBOX=XXBBOX&STYLES=&VERSION=1.3.0 fails.


The sample-code from ServerApplyWatermarkSOI  contains a region "SOAP interceptors" i think here is the right place to solve this. But I do not have enough experience what I have to do here.


Can someone help me?