AoInitialize and binding

Discussion created by codeconverter on Feb 16, 2011
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With ArcGIS 10, I decided to convert some code from using the C++ API to using the Java API.  With Arc installed on my personal machine with a node locked liscense (and no previous version installed) I was able call the EngineInitializer.Initialize method and then the AoInitialize method and it worked fine.  I then tried to run this same code on a machine that has floating licenses and may have had previous versions of Arc installed and I get an exception thrown from the AoInitialize call.  I don't have the error in front of me but it indicated that I need to bind to a specific version before calling AoInitialize.  I've seen VB.Net and C++ versions of this posted but nothing for java, not even in the sample code that I found here:
Does anyone know of an example of this or had any success doing this?