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"Calculate Adjacent Fields" in ArcGIS PRO?

Question asked by buckyswider on Nov 3, 2018
Latest reply on Nov 6, 2018 by buckyswider

Hi all, novice user here.  Trying to create Fire Service Maps from the canned package.


After about 3 days of staring at it, I *finally* had a mini-epiphany.  Was struggling trying to figure out what the proper input source for "FireMapIndex" was supposed to be.  And VIOLA- I realized that the index grid was a common schema created via "Grid Index Features" followed by "Calculate Adjacent Fields".  Well, the first thing looks GREAT in ArcGIS pro- however, it seems like "Calculate Adjacent Fields" has been deprecated.  Has anyone found a simple workaround?  I see a bunch of hits around defining a "layout" but nothing there seems to match.  So close, but yet so far!


As an aside, I did drop back to ArcMap and created a shapefile using both tools.  Looks good inside ArcMap.  When I try to import that into my project in ArcGIS,  the grid orientation is slightly skewed.  And I can't figure out why.  All my projections seems to match, although it's almost certainly the source of the problem.  But rather than try to troubleshoot that first, I think forging forward and figurong out the ArcGIS PRO way to do this would be best.