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Select Features by Location in ArcGIS Python API

Question asked by maho on Nov 2, 2018

How can I implement a select Features by Location with the ArcGIS Python API?


I would like to select all features from a Point layer in a feature service that are within 0.5 meters from a feature in a Polyline layer in the same feature service. Both layers have the same spatial reference


Total number of point features is 35, total number of line features is 1



returns 35 features


I've tried this:

# Create a Polyline first, because directly feeding cl_line.query(where='1=1').features[0].geometry into the spatial query on the points doesn't seem to work as a geometry_filter

from arcgis.geometry import Polyline

cl = Polyline(cl_line.query(where='1=1').features[0].geometry)


point_feature_layer.query(where='1=1',geometry_filter=cl, distance=0.5, units='esriSRUnit_Meter')

also returns 35 features, so the geometry_filter doesn't seem to work


The Javascript API documentation  suggested that with a distance parameter, the query would effectively select the points that Intersect a buffer of the polyline (buffered at the provided distance) so the default spatial relationship (intersects) would work.


Any ideas what I'm doing wrong here?