Unable to Upload Attachments to a Layer

Discussion created by ChrJaeger on Oct 31, 2018
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Hi, I try to add an attachment to a layer. 
Using the online Portal I am able to upload attachments successfully. But using the .NET Runtime SDK 100 this Operation Fails.


I am able to retrieve and delete existing attachments. But unable to upload an Attachment using the ArcGisFeature.AddAttachmentAsync, ServiceFeatureTable.UpdateFeatureAsync, ServiceFeatureTable.AppyEditsAsync functions.


The AddAttachmentAsync call always returns an Attachment with id -10 (second gets -11, -12 and so on)
I am able to retrieve, delete and update the attachments I have added to my feature as long as the application is running. After restarting these attachments have vanished.



The ApplyEditsAsync Always Returns an EditResult which completet with Errors and containing the Message "JSONObject["attachment"] not found."

Is there anything I am missing?