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Hidden/calculation fields returning dates instead of decimal calculations on custom report

Question asked by cjs041 on Oct 30, 2018
Latest reply on Nov 21, 2018 by cjs041

I am trying to use either the calculate or hidden field types to round a decimal. When I check the answer by inserting the expression/tag into a note field or a decimal field, I can see that it is working as intended within the survey. However, the rounded decimal does not show up on the custom report, it instead returns a date that is slightly before the start of Unix time:

I've tried using esriFieldTypeSingle and using bind::type decimal, although I can't use the two together as this results in an error. If I use a decimal field type, rather than hidden or calculate, the rounded decimal shows up on the custom report. But I do not want this field to be visible on the survey. The xls is attached and the fields in question are highlighted purple (length, width, and thickness). Please help.