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Survey123: Send Error - Layer 'XYZ' not found in the feature service

Question asked by ben_vk on Oct 29, 2018
Latest reply on Oct 29, 2018 by ben_vk

I have a survey123 survey which has been working well up until yesterday. 

I did a major audit of our groups, permissions, feature layer and table names etc.

I seemed to have gotten away with it without any issues until this one reared its head. 


A fieldworker has reported and sent through this screenshot when they try to submit a survey form each time:


I am thinking I must have either:

a) removed a permission setting so he can no longer submit edits, or

b) renamed a feature layer, or table etc that this form needs to send data to.


Is there a way I can get more information as to what it is looking for?


I see it is wanting to send data to Council_Bin_Audits. Is this talking about a feature layer? Like this highlighted area:


Or is it referring to this area:


I am thinking it is the latter. 


NOTE: The latter is something I modified the other day (the day the survey stopped submitting correctly), and just now renamed to be 'Council_Bin_Audits'. But renaming it back to this has not fixed the issue. The survey is still throwing this same error.


Is it possible for me to get this survey working again? Or do I have to restart? I am hoping I can get this working again!