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Unable to use "Select by Attribute"?

Question asked by cjh_98 on Oct 28, 2018
Latest reply on Oct 30, 2018 by Dan_Patterson

Hello, in my ArcMap 10.6 (student) version, I am unable to use the tool "Select by Attribute" with any kind of vector data. Even if the attribute table is full and I can directly access the tables, the fields in which I should be able to click on the different column names stay blank (but I can scroll?) and when I click on "select unique values" the field in which the values should pop up turns white and I can scroll there too. I can click on the pad with the equation signs on the left, and I can type in the commands and it works, but it is very tedious to do so for bigger sets of data. Does anyone have any experience with this or any explanation? Any help is much appreciated, thank you!


I don't know if the picture helps, it just shows the blank...Blank Select by Attribute