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Esri world geocoder service - disable Suggestions?

Question asked by kmsagis Champion on Oct 24, 2018
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I ask here because I was hoping it would be a URL parameter which would make it easy.


update: I created an Idea here to allow one or more locators, such as Esri World Locator to be disabled in the WAB Search widget or via URL parameter:


So, let's say you don't want Suggestions on the Esri Web App Builder's  Search widget. (because of the 'ghost address' bug geocoder Suggestions list in Search should not contain addresses that don't exist )


However if you disable it on your own locators it will still pop up on the Esri world service. Which is bad because that is usually on the bottom i.e. the least accurate, but I have it there so people can use it for searching for businesses and points of interest. Obviously our county address service will be more accurate for addresses. But there is no way to turn off Suggestions. It does not let you do a Max limit of Suggestions at zero. Must be at least 1. (that alone, you would think would be an elegant way to implement this, if there is no enabled/disabled boolean).  


Anyhow I was wondering, is there a URL parameter we could attach, so it won't Suggest? That would make it easy as I could just put that in to the list of locators in the WAB Search widget configuration. I am guessing no. If that is the case I'll delve into to inner workings of the Search widget but wanted to see whether there was something more simple. Just wondering! I looked on the  docs page and Google but didn't see anything of the sort in terms of URL parameter, WAB configuration or other setting.