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Data with "Line Break" formatted in CSV cant view in survey

Question asked by OSepulvedaIII on Oct 25, 2018
Latest reply on Nov 11, 2018 by Philip.Wilson-esristaff

I have a .csv file that contains data with a line break already formatted within each corresponding answer.  Yet, when I use the pulldata function, nothing appears.

I want my data to show in the survey like:

ZONE: 4  (Title: H4)  CH: 3
ZONE: 10  (Title: H10)  CH: 1
ZONE: 11  (Title: H11)  CH: 1
ZONE: 12  (Title: H12)  CH: 1


Instead of what I had before, which was hard to view in the field:


ZONE: 4 (Title: H4) CH: 3   ZONE: 10 (Title: H10) CH: 1  ZONE: 11 (Title: H11) CH: 1  ZONE: 12 (Title: H12) CH: 1


I've tried putting the formatting within the answers with no luck:


"\t"  +  "\t"+"ZONE: 4  (Title: H4)  CH: 3"+"\n"+"\t"  +  "\t"+"ZONE: 10  (Title: H10)  CH: 1"+"\n"+"\t"  +  "\t"+"ZONE: 11  (Title: H11)  CH: 1"+"\n"+"\t"  +  "\t"+"ZONE: 12  (Title: H12)  CH: 1"+"\n"+"\t"  +  "\t"+"ZONE: 13  (Title: H13)  CH: 1"


A select_one will grab the corresponding 'Zone' information. And some answers may contain 12 or more lines.