Local arcgis_compact bib and editing toolbar problem + ROTATE when editing

Discussion created by tol82 on Feb 16, 2011
Latest reply on Feb 18, 2011 by jeff.pace

I faced 2 problems when I tried to implement some features in my application today. Let me describe what I tried to do.

I intend to create a label and the rotate the label after creation. E.g. for labeling a street or a river in the right angle. I though about the following steps to complete this goal: Draw an textsymbol on the map and then hand it to the editortoolbar to totate the graphic (by user).

First problem I faced was that I could not include or require the esri.toolbars.edit cause I'm loading the API localy .... in detail arcgis_compact version cause I don't use dojo for my GUI. If I include dojo.require(...edit) i get following error log:

"NetworkError: 404 Not Found - http://***/scripts/arcgis_compact/js/esri/toolbars/_GraphicMover.xd.js"
"NetworkError: 404 Not Found - http://***/scripts/arcgis_compact/js/esri/toolbars/_VertexEditor.xd.js"

And subsequent cross domain loading errors when I try to init the toolbar, but that sounds ok if the lib is not loaded properly.

I searched these files and they aren't in this dir ... or they are named in another way ... not capitalized as they are in the errorlog (e.g. _vertexEditor.xd.hs). Renaming does not help.

So here is the first question ... does so know where the problem is here. I thought a lot about it, but didn't get an idea what might cause this issue.

After that I loaded the online sources and the error was gone and I tried to rotate my graphic ... which is a point with a textsymbol. Ok next error saying somethink like ... wrong geometry type ... can't activate editortoolbar. Question here is if I can rotate points with textsymbols ... the API does not prohibit spezial geometries for rotation. If so knows details here I would be thankful for input. Further if so knows another way to complete my goals please feel free to contact me ;)

Sidenote: I know that I could rotate the text with .setAngle() but that's not what I intend to do ;). Further I need to use local resources the app might run in intranet without internet connection.

Greets and thanks in advance, Tol