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Unable to cut Polygon in arcgis javascript

Question asked by vikaswardiya on Oct 19, 2018
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I have one Polygon feature Layer in web page. now i want to perform cut operation with geometryEngine.cut method in dojo JavaScript. This is what i have done.


1 I add feature layer into the map.

Adding FeatureLayer to the map


2 I took geometry on   event into a  polygongeometry1 variable.Taking Geometry of a selected Polygon into a polygongeometry1 varialbe


3 Then I draw a polyline with a draw widget and took its geometry into a linee variable. and pass it to a geometryEngine.cut method . but i receive this error

ge_version error


cannot read Property _geVersion of undefined although both polygon and line geometries are there.


Actually I want to cut a Polygon shape file temporarily and undo it.#cut polygon.


I have no Idea what is wrong with it. Kindly help..