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Translating Survey123 into another language: Issues with title and logos

Question asked by cmcginnesri-ca-esridist Employee on Oct 18, 2018
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I have translated a survey from English to French in Survey123 Connect and it worked perfectly for all questions and hints. My issue is with the Form title and the logo that is included as a note type field. The form does not seem to be able to translate the title into the different languages and the logo disappears in the french form.


I need to point out that my form is based as a web browser form and not in the Survey123 Application. The logo seems to appear in the form preview for both default (English) and French language so this could be a bug with the web browser application. The Title of the form stays in English on both forms in Survey123 Connect preview; So I must not have the correct code to use. I have tried form_title::fr, form_title::French(fr), label::French(fr) and label::(fr) with no success.