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4.9 Coordinate Conversion Widget - Adding to a DIV

Question asked by PrillLake on Oct 17, 2018
Latest reply on Oct 18, 2018 by PrillLake

I'm attempting to add the C.C. widget (4.9) to a container DIV in my app.  It works fine when I instantiate the widget using the default options, e.g.:


var coordsWidget = new CoordinateConversion({
   container: "coordsDiv",
   view: view


However, when I try to add a custom coordinate format, I get an error in dojo.js that indicates some clash in naming of DOM nodes (I think)...



When I remove the container property, and add the C.C. widget directly to the MapView.UI, using the same code for adding of the custom coordinate format, it works fine.


Any thoughts?    Attached is the full text of the error from the console for reference..