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Labels missing in Print output

Question asked by ujjwalesri on Oct 17, 2018
Latest reply on Apr 25, 2019 by NSager-esristaff

Labels show on the map without issuesHi,

I am trying to print secured services and it works fine for most of the part except that the labeling info does not show on the print output.

While I am preparing the map, the labels do appear, but do not show up on print output.


I am using ESRI JS API v3.25.


var labelJson = {
"labelExpressionInfo": { "expression": "" },
"useCodedValues": false,
"labelPlacement": ""


labelJson.labelExpressionInfo.expression = "CONCATENATE([$feature.NAME, $feature.CLASS], ' / ')";
labelJson.labelPlacement = "above-right";


var labelSymbol = new textSymbol();

var lblClass = new labelClass(labelJson);
lblClass.symbol = labelSymbol;
printFeatLyrEquipment.setLabelingInfo([lblClass]); //this is a Feature layer



Not sure why is it not printing the labels...any clues?


Thanks in advance!