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FeatureLayer with client side graphics does not show with Print widget

Question asked by opli on Oct 16, 2018
Latest reply on Nov 2, 2018 by NSager-esristaff



When I took arcgisJS 4.9 into use the client-side Feature Layer printing broke down. I'm using default Print wigdet.

I have attached example code that demonstrate the problem that client-side feature layer does not show in the print.

It was working in arcgisJS 4.8.


I was debugging the problem and noticed that ExportWebMap will think it is Feature Layer and expects to have URL which it does not have, so nothing can be seen in the print.


Tried also with argcisJS 4.8 and ExportWebMap handles the FeatureLayer as client side graphics and graphics are seen in the print.


Is this a new bug in the argcisJS 4.9? or how I can fix this problem? I would like to use Print widget.