Way to summarize existing items inside a repeat?

Discussion created by jacksjj on Oct 16, 2018
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Is there a way to summarize, as a list, certain items from within a repeat?  Say using a note field?


For example, we want to do repeated surveys (weekly) at locations.  So we have a single form where the main part of the form contains key data for the site (location, name, structure ID, etc.).  Then the second part of the form has a repeat for each of the weekly inspections.


When something is amiss, it is marked as a "priority item" in a given weekly report.  The problem is that unless you scroll through each of the previous surveys (as many as 50 or more), and view every potential item type on said form, it is very difficult to see what the items that need addressing are, and if they have been addressed, close them out.


What we would like to do is have a summary in the main body of the form that lists these priority items in a format like as follows.


Priority Items:

Description                                     Priority                                       Date Open         Date Closed

Problem #1                                       High                                            08/23/2018         09/06/2018

Problem #2                                       Medium                                      09/06/2018

Problem #3                                       Low                                            09/13/2018


Where things like "Description", "Priority", "Date Open", and "Date Closed" are all fields within the repeat.


This way, the inspector can quickly see what needs to be looked at.