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Can we add a "Read More" link within the Entry of Story Map?

Question asked by kovich06 on Oct 15, 2018
Latest reply on Oct 24, 2018 by ghuller_Chesco

I am currently developing a story map and I wonder, instead of putting a lengthy text on a single entry of the side panel (Side Accordion), can we add something like a "read more" button (or link) so once the reader click the link the rest of the text can show up within the entry, without adding a separate URL link or directing the reader to a separate entry?


I ask this because as far as I can tell, all built-in options of creating link as to do it "externally" (like an separate URL or separate section), but not within the same entry (like a "read more" link I try to create).


It seems some kinds of API  or SDK is needed to make it work. So if you have suggestions, please kindly provide a step-by-step procedure for me to follow since I am a novice on scripts or codes (if not an outright phobia!). Greatly appreciated for any input and many thanks!