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ArcGIS API for JS Testing

Question asked by rc_ran on Oct 10, 2018
Latest reply on Oct 12, 2018 by rc_ran

Hi all. I am a tester working for a logistics company. We use the 'ArcGIS API for JavaScript' for a feature. So what we do is, we have a stop1 and stop2 on the map. We use an algorithm to compute the best route between the 2 stops. We also track the driver movements with GPS data and compare the algorithm route with the route taken by the driver.

Every stop has a few attributes associated with it. i.e start/stop times, lat/long coordinates.

The application opens the map in a huge field of view. We are not getting a way to test it efficiently because, we are having trouble to zoom in to an exact point to identify the stops. We use image based testing to identify the stops. Please help me find a way to test this scenario. I hope this is enough information. I can provide more if needed.