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filter by spatial intersection with another layer?

Question asked by Angelia_Hagopian_onslow on Oct 9, 2018
Latest reply on Sep 10, 2019 by sara.hopkins_gresham


We are creating a dashboard (using the Dashboard theme) in WAB that will show damage assessments (points) from Hurricane Florence.  We need to be able to filter the points by city limits (a separate polygon layer).  For example, the user only wants to see the damage assessments that fall within North Topsail Beach city limits and have the charts in the dashboard update accordingly.  We have messed around with the Query widget but it shows all the damage assessment points and then highlights the selected ones.  The charts show data for everything in the map extent, not the selected points.  We want to filter (i.e. only show) those in the city limits the user has selected and have the charts reflect the selected points.  Does anyone know of a  widget (ESRI or custom) that does this?  FYI - We can't use the operational dashboard for this since the map service from the vendor doesn't support statistics.